Pen Air Soft Gun




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Intro: Pen Air Soft Gun

this is a great little project that shoots air soft bullets up 20 ft

careful wear safety glasses

Step 1: Materials

string kite string works
BIC mechanical pencil
really stretchy rubber band
air soft BBs


Step 2: Take Apart the Pen

1 take the tip off with pliers

2 take out the eraser and the led

3 cut black thing off

4 take core out then all the other accessory's

5 cut the tip of the clear tube off

6 cut the tip of the green tube off

7 pretty much so that it looks like in pic 1

Step 3: Finish

make inside of the clear tube bigger so that the BB fit very loosely

put the green tube in the clear tube

then put the thread through the green tube

then tie the thread to the rubber band

then clip the rubber band on the clip thing then pull and put the rubber band on the eraser like in pic 2

now your don have fun

Step 4:



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5 years ago on Introduction

awesome instructable except you spelt wear wrong.