Pen Crossbow

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a great,awesome,and powerful pen cross bow! Hope you have fun making it!

Step 1: WAIVER

WARNING this cross bow can hurt people. I am not responsible for any injuries SAFTEY FIRST!

Step 2: Materials and Tools

You will need these materials for this project

3 Papermate Eagle pens(MUST BE THIS BRAND!)

2 Tacks

A rubber band

and about 3 gluesticks


A hot glue gun and something to cut a pen with( I used pliers)

Step 3: Step 1 Take Apart Pens

take apart pens and save all parts. They should look like pictures below. ALso you need to cut one down to 7 cm. other 2 should 12 cm should look like 1 of the pictures below.

Step 4: Step 3

Put tacks into 1 piece of the 12 cm. pen parts. After this glue them with hot glue gun( i glued them fter i put them in and i put glue in both opened ends of the tube) SAFETY TIP: glue part where tacks go through bottom of tube so you don't prick yourself!

Step 5: Step 4

Glue the main part of the cross bow to the parts withe the tacks(look at it below). This is probaly the hardest part because you have to hold it while it dries( it is easy if you use a fan to cool it and a hot glue gun to glue it) IT IS ONE OF THE 12 CM. PARTS

Step 6: Step 4

Now you must add the barrel, you must glue the barrel to the main part. view pics!(the barrel is the 7 cm. part)

Step 7: Step 6

THE AMMO! now you make the ammo by using the pen ink thing( I made a slit at end of ink thing so rubber band can hook onto it and you can pull!





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