Pen Dart

Introduction: Pen Dart

this dart indicates where youve thrown it so you know where to look.ever wanted a dart for under umm...about 2.00 dollars?heres your chance check this out.youull need 1 dixon sensematic 20000 lead pencil or a regular dixon lead pencil, 1 large ink cartaridge , 1 small ink cartaridge, 1 piece of paper, some tape, and siscors.

Step 1: Dart Body

take the lead pencil and use a siscor to clip the eraser off the tip. if you see a small hole where the eraser was then you cut it deep enough.then take off the should have two hole one big one and a little one.

Step 2: Pen Tip

slip the big pen from the big hole with the tip.the pen will parcially stick outits tip.if this happens your on the right track.

Step 3: Inserting the Tip and End

insert the smaller in cartaridge into the larger ink cartaridge and press. when you see the larger pen cartiridges whole top come out then youre as hard as you can until the large cartaridge is stuck.

Step 4: Folding the Paper

to fold the paper make sure you keep an eye on the edges.the first step twoards the wing is folding your paper.fold it until you get 16 boxes.if you do not under stand look at the image below.

Step 5: Placing the Wing in Place

use the paper and cut 1 box uot of it.fold it in half both ways shown below.then turn it into the shape seen on the next image.this is the best shape for precision control(accuracy).

Step 6: Placing the Wing in the Dart Pen

using the siscors make a hole exactly in the center of the the wing into the top of the pen.if you do not know how look on the image below.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Another great one to file away for when I'm put in jail and need to defend myself. ;)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    There really isn't enough crap pen guns on instructables, I'm glad you added another one.