Pen Knife + Pen + Magnet +led Light Plugin (4 in 1)


favourite multi-tool .....


glue, epoxy....opt.
broken pen, pencil... tube..

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Step 1: Knife Part

I pulled the tray out of order

the blade was unloaded from a pencil sharpener

will be pushed with the front of the pen

I hit it with a hammer

quite steady, possibly epoxy resin reinforced by
I put a pen cap on it because of the security

You have very sharp!

Step 2: Magnet and Pen

magnets from an old CD reader (in addition to the lens is 2 pieces)

at least two, because of the weight to hold

I took it apart with a pen I pushed into the front of the refillable pencil end

Step 3: Test

The great magnet keeps the cooler side
7 inch overall length, of which the blade is 0.5 inches (measurement "stuck")

the test in an older (50-60 years old)
refillable pencil writing tip adjusts to size, Unfortunately, because we do not produce a thing

cut test video:

Step 4: Led Torch

in low light conditions, under sinks, etc. during shelf storage
a handy little light

the 3V button battery (CR2032 H)
I found the LED, I do not know how much voltage can opener

the 3V button battery (CR2032 H)
I found the LED, I do not know how much voltage can opener

lengthens the leg +
I pushed her legs up a bit to well rászoruljon
the battery cover of the magnet attracts iron, so do not be stuck, mobile plugin
any color LED can be used
can be easily replaced if depleted
best night of the red, it interferes the least eye

wound onto the pen (+ leg) ... Magnet ... battery ... and work
off switchable

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    armin 7

    3 years ago

    I love the knife idea.