Pen Spinning Straw

Introduction: Pen Spinning Straw

this is a straw that I moded into a spinning straw for pen spinning because my nephew bought me two spinZ penz and I can't wait! but they don't live nearby, so I made my own so I could practice the basics! (I'm still gona get my spinZ though! :P) I made it out of 3 straws, lots of hot glue :P, and 2 tooth picks(3 if you want to get technical, the third one I used to push  the other straws in side the main one) it is a little heavier than your normal pen, but I like the extra weight! :P the barrel of the main straw, I covered with a little hot glue, because with out it, it was to slippery for me.  if you like it, leave me a comment!! and I will make a instructable on it soon!  thanks for looking! :D

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