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Introduction: Perfect Duck's Quad Blaster

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this is for all the people who cant make the quad blaster from the pictures of it and so we dont have to lissin to people complane that there is not enough pictures of it to make it.

Step 1: Part That Holds the Rubberbands

look at pictures

Step 2: Gun Part

look at pictures

Step 3: Handle

agean look at pictures

Step 4: Gun and Handle


Step 5: Handle and Gun and Rubberband Part

put it all together

Step 6: Ammo

there are two types of ammo that i found that work

the norimal ammo and my high powered ammo



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    If anyone is seeing this, can you please tell me where to put the ammo ?

    I tryed clipping it on the y connector, but when i pulled the trigger, the blue rod broke off.

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    You probably have to powerful rubber bands, and they're creating to much tension for the blue rod to handle.(Somewhat surprising, but could happen). Those Green rods on the triggers (The ones above the blue rods) may not seem important, but they'll hold the blue rod in place. If you don't have those green rods on the triggers, make sure to add them and try it out again.

    If it still doesn't work after that, check the second picture in the intro and make sure you're hooking the ammo in right. It should rest inside the Y connector.


    this is awesome!!!! when i shot my last bullet, it whizzed and and i couldn't see it!

    this is a failed instructable, it says it is by DSMAN19276 on the title but on the yellow boxes it says it is by DSMAN1 who only made the copy-cat instructable, so i think this is a fail.

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    My name used to be DSMan1, thats why the copy cat chose that name. i made this instructable back when i was still DSMan1 and so the name on the tag hasn't changed.

    did u know that u can swap the red rods in the barrel for Grey rods and it is much more powerful u can also swap the yellow ammo for blue rods i put them both together and put a dent in my wall

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    very cool gun but where do the rubber bands have to be

    i like it but if you shoot like 2 then the others tend to hit the loose rubber bands, i also made a bigger single shot on, ill be posting it soon.

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