Perpetual Motion Wheel




this is the leonardo da vinci's motion wheel combined with other perpetual factors to make it more accurate and faster. 

"Can't figure-out how to make another step so, i'll just type my comments and steps here."

i noticed that those perpetual wheels tend to stop or run ruff.  therefore i adjusted some details to make it run smoothly.

to begin with i made it have extra wheels on the end of the extensions (smaller scale and well detailed).  the long bars of metal(gold in some cases in the renderings)  make the propulsion at the same time.  in other words and with much more sense, the wheel is pushed by three factors;

one is the big wheel with the bullet-balls
two, the long bars that as the wheel turns it hammers/hits the wheel pushing it extra
three, at the end of each bar there is a mini-perpetual wheel that pushes or makes the bars vibrate more to make them move and have less chances on getting stuck or stop.

The pictures will have little tabs to explain details.

the last images are the paper version of it that i took, i could not have taken the picture of the perpetual wheel because the only camera i have available is one from the school computers.  sorry for the trouble.

thanks and hit a vote for me in the make-it-real contest.



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    3 years ago

    This is TOTALLY FAKE the perpetual movement doesn't exist we can't make energy out of nothing it's out of the physic law .

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    its not perpetual motion you fuckwit it uses gravity to power it. *Facepalm*. I cant believe that there are actually people like you out there.

    thank you! But, currently, i don't have a camera otherwise i would have posted a video. may be next time.

    Thank you, you made my day!