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Introduction: Perteliser - Dog Poo Compost

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hello world,


tonight, after many years, i had to walk a dog again. I've had many dogs while growing up. but ever since my last dog, a black labrador named JJ, the last 5 years of my life i haven't had to walk a single dog... which i apparently missed.


and now that I am an author on instructables, I was struck with a new idea for dog poo removal. i will be suggesting 2 different products/ideas in this instructable. I do not have the time to follow every idea I come up with, nor can I worry about making an "income" over them, because there are just too many ideas, and I don't have the energy. plus sharing is caring, i would hate to see someone's idea go to waste, so share away people !!


so if you have the time and the know how, hopefully you may fix this unnecessary problem into a forest growing, climate saving, free and natural way to compost.


perteliser - dog poo compost

Step 1: Leave the Poo on the Ground Now !

all animals poop on soil, (except the fish etc. i guess) so did we for a very very long time. the invention of the toilet must be so new that it's not even on the radar. so what does happen to organic material when it is dropped/left on the ground. it becomes plant food !


i can't see the humankind 100yrs from now still handpicking dog poo off the ground with a plastic bag. not only do we waste a precious materials like plastic in such a way, but we also take away a free source of nutrition for the soil, for the planet.


what if, just what if we could somehow cover it in a way that not only does it notify us (even at night) but also makes the poo decompose faster.


i thought of 2 different instruments that may be the solution...

Step 2: Plant Food Poo Covers

the first thing that came to my mind was a triangle folded coffee filter style papery material. we already have this technology where certain to go boxes dissolve in to the soil after some time and become plant food.


try to imagine such a thing, cheap to manufacture and easy to carry lots of just in your backpocket. these things can be covered with a certain paint/coating that would make them glow at night, so nobody steps on it ?!


some sort of a tent style thing, i would imagine the cover must not be airtight as this would keep the poo alive by feeding it with humidity. a breathing kind of cover would make it dry faster, and maybe the cover itself could be made out of such a natural, non-toxic chemical that it also speeds up the decomposing process.

Step 3: A Re-usable Electronic Kind ?

this maybe more futuristic and more complicated, but if you are familiar with my work, i am very into electronics - although I am not suggesting this sentence, i would love to make it arduino controlled :)


what if the color of the cover changed when the poo was gone. and maybe a flexible LED lighting cover/tent for the night time as well?


we could make them bigger so there would be no contact with the poo, and maybe the rain would eventually clean the anti-bacterial surfaced device?



this is a simple proposal to solve a big problem. please comment constructively instead of saying it's not possible and waste everyone's time, especially if you don't walk a dog regularly..!


thank you for your time, I would love to hear your thoughts on this theory/proposal. if anyone out there can prove on paper that this could work, maybe some of us will be willing to give it a try.


love & peace




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    How about drilling some holes in a small trash can and burying it half way. Pick up the poop using biodegradable plastic bags and toss those turds in the semi-buried bin. If the volume gets out of control, throw in a bit of potassium nitrate stump remover to burn it up. It's like a septic tank for your pets

    Well, from my point of view (two dogs, urban setting) I don't want to cover it. I'd have a front yard full of tents. And how would one mow the grass with the tents on it covering the poo? While I think this idea is interesting, it isn't something that rings my bell. I would like something that could be sprinkled on the poo and help it to disappear after a few days. It it could be changed into energy to power LED lights in the yard that would be something worth working on.

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    so maybe we could build these small chambers on the corner of yards, right by the sidewalk, where the walker would pickup the "item" and "thrash" it on one side of the chamber. it could either convert the gases to electricity (this technology already exists) or it could dry and powder the poo so you could sprinkle it over your dirt/compost in a safe way. this maybe an interesting idea. like the thrash boxes at dog parks. something that blends in with nature and not stand out. everybody just knows what they are, like a mailbox but again, hidden and smaller. thanks for the input kwhitacre !

    Interesting ideas!

    However, if somebody's dog poops on my lawn and they don't clean it up, I get upset. I like to play barefoot with my kids, and there's nothing worse than dog poo on bare feet.

    In fact, I've been tempted to make a sign to post on my front lawn, that reads thus: