Phone Camera Mount, Tripod for Table or Car Door




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Easy mount for video phones. I use mine to document neighborhoods for work.

Step 1: Small Parts You'll Need

an angle brace, 3 neoprene washers, threaded rod, some cable ties or maybe some adhesive(jb weld etc.), a suitable belt clip for the phone, and two wing nuts

Step 2: Bigger Things You'll Need

a mending bracket (I got all this stuff from Lowe's, Home Depot, and in the case of the door mounting ashtrays, a truck stop, I looove truck stops.) One door mount ashtray cup holder. One cup that nests in that one, in my case another ashtray of similar design. Some plaster of paris. a length of twine or same as. one dremel tool with high speed cut off wheel or hacksaw.

Step 3: Trim Mending Bracket and Threaded Rod to Size

As you can see in step 2, the mending bracket will be mounted permanently in one of the cups. As this is the case, cutting should be done now. We'll want the phone to have as low a center of gravity as possible, so decide how high out of the cup you want your bracket to extend and cut it off with your dremel or hacksaw. I also used a grinding attachment to smooth the roughness off my cut. Observe how the threaded rod is used in the photos, and determine how long will need to be to go through the mounts and wingnuts without extending out the ends. See the very helpful instructable on shortening bolts for the process,

Step 4: Mount the Post in the Cup

If there's anything novel here, it is this. To mount the central post in the cup, place the cup on a level surface and suspend the central post in position using the aforementioned twine as a plum line to level the post in a vertical position in the cup. Follow the instructions on the box of plaster and pour this into the cup. When this sets, it is mounted. see picture in step 2. I have toyed with the idea of trying to mount the central post at an angle so the weight of the phone is more centered overall. It works in its present form but could be a little more stable when freestanding. Surprisingly stable on a car door though. I have also considered adding some sort of lead shot or similar to the cup before pouring the plaster to add more weight in the base. If you try this and make any adjustments, please let me know how they work out.

Step 5: Put Clip on Angle Bracket

take the cable ties and pass one through the hole in one face of the bracket, over and through the belt clip, and back through the other hole in the bracket. Take another and push it onto the first tie from behind until the first tie is tightened. Clip the ends of both. Hopefully the pic will make this more clear. I would be interested to see what other mounts might be added to the base, for an Ipod perhaps? Let me know of any ideas. They could even be interchangeable.

Step 6: Assemble

Seems pretty easy to divine from the photos. put bracket on mast. remember the neoprene washers between all metal to metal contact for friction lock. it can be used alone as a table stand or with the second cup as a door mount. note that this setup allows pan and tilt. Enjoy!?



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    12 years ago

    this is neat but the quality on most video phones isnt that good (also for my camera I just mounted a nut and bolt in the botom of a pop can and use that it adds stablity and make it easier to hold)

    2 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    Yeah, the quality isn't that great but it serves my needs and it's always with me. I think the fun bit is that it can hang on to your car door. I also use it to simply hold my phone on speaker mode while driving. Hands free!