Phone Holder for Your Bike




Introduction: Phone Holder for Your Bike

this is a simple and sturdy phone holder that I made for my bike to track & record my rides. This is my first ible so feel free to comment and make suggestions.

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Step 1: You Will Need :

-A cheap car phone holder (make sure it can hold a phone securely)
-A cheap brake lever (preferably an aluminium one of easy drilling)
-A few screws
-drill bit (same size as the screws you use)
-Allen keys for taking the brake lever apart
-piece of aluminium plate approx 2mm thick or more

Step 2: Disassemble the Parts

Disassemble the brake lever and the phone holder. my holder simply unclipped from its stand by pushing it upwards until it clicked. then I undid the single screw on the back the held the circular part that allowed the holder to be adjusted between the landscape and portrait position. Inside it were a pair of tiny springs and 2 small BB's. I put these aside in a safe place.

Step 3: Mockup

now test fit your holder onto the brake lever to see how everything will fit together. A bit of hot glue helps to hold everything together while doing this. trim off the bits you don't need, in my case I trimmed off the excess bits of the brake lever.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

I decided to cut out a metal disc to mount the plastic disc onto, you could simply mount the plastic directly onto the brake lever but since mine was made out of slightly brittle plastic, it would have broken from trail vibrations. adding the metal disk will give it plenty of support.
I roughed out the disk with a hacksaw then used a file to finish it off, then I drilled out the appropriate holes and screwed the plastic to the metal with four screws(my screws were slightly long so I filed them down).
I then drilled two mounting holes and a centre hole on the lever then mounted the metal plate onto it.

Step 5: Reassembly

now put the holder back together, align the circle part to rhe rest of the holder, replace the small springs and BB's and screw it all together (through the centre hole drilled through the lever and metal plate) . now mount it on your bike.

Step 6: Go Ride!

Go ride! I found that this holder grips the phone really well even when things get rough (not sure how it would fair on a bike without shocks in the rough tho). and for those of you who are unsure of how well it will secure your phone In place, you could just throw a zip tie around it for extra security.

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