Phone Stand and With a Secret Compartment




Introduction: Phone Stand and With a Secret Compartment

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compiled by :::: Moksham Chhabra

here in this project u can fool any one to think that it is a simple phone stand but acttually it is not . there is a hidden secret compartment there in it .all that u have to make sure is that no one changes it's direction in which u have kept.. enjoy pl..

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Step 1: Materials

hot glue gun
blade / cutter
2 pieces of cardboard
1 empty tape roll
1 marker ( any colour )
1 bottle ( make sure that the bottom of the bottle is bigger thant the size of the tape roll..)

Step 2: Making the Secret Compartment

first of all trace the shape of the empty tape roll as shown in the picture.

now marke the area of the entrance of the secret compartment.

after that cut the outline of the marked place starting from the bottom.make sure that it opens and can be closed like the mechanism of a door.

Step 3: Completing the Compartment

now take the two traced cardboard pieces and place and glue one at the bottom of the tape roll . and the other u should cut it's edges untill it fits inside the tape roll from the top.if it fits then push it a little downwards so that it reaches the joint or the seal of the door and then glue it.

Step 4: Making the Phone Stand

now mark the bottle according to your phone size after that cut it out as shown above.
now take the cutted part and glue it to the top of the tape roll. ( note :: now make sure that the face of the phone stand is facing in the opposite direction of the secret compartment ....... ) (note ::: the secret ompartment would be in the opposite direction of the phone stand and it will be downwards where as the phone stand would be at the top..)

Step 5: Final Touches

u can do any sot of decoration on it its your wish.

now here is the way to unlock and lock the compattment.

1- press the two corners of the door of the compartment.
2- push it inside a little and then leave it inside u will notice that it stucks inside and it is locked now to unlock it just press it a little inside and put your finger and pull it outwards then it is unlocked....... enjoy pl.

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