Photo Booth

This is a project that needs very little skill. all you need is a 1 foot and 12 in old shelf or a new shelf you made by your self I did it that way because I did not have a old shelf to use the with of the self should be about 6 and a haft inch for a iPad mini to fit in side you can do this with a iPad to you need to make the shelf fit the regular iPad the top shelf should thinner so the iPad can slide in and lean on the top shelf.

Step 1: Front of the Photo Booth

you will need a piece of pile-wood 1 foot by 6 and and nail it to the self on the bottom of the self like the pictures shows

Step 2: Top IPad Holder

Take some metal tape and tape one piece on the other so that the 2 ends of a bigger piece are sill sticky

small piece 6 inch

big piece 10 inch

Step 3: Inserting the IPad and Cable

take the frame you put together and slide the iPad so it looks like picture 2 and the back should have your charging

cable with the out the wall plug so once you take a picture you can plug the cable in to you laptop and save or print it



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