Pimp a Cheap Silicone Ipod Case EASILY!

Introduction: Pimp a Cheap Silicone Ipod Case EASILY!

This instructable is about how to turn a cheap silicone ipod case into a well... a better one very easily.
If you want a perfesional looking ipod case that has maximum protection... you might want to look elsewhere.
Even though this is my first instructable, I would like some criticisms or advice to help perfect my case.
all you need is:
>a roll of electric tape (duct tape works, but doesn't look as good)
>A cheap silicone ipod case
>two index cards
>an ipod

Thats it!

Step 1: Get Some Index Cards!

Get two index cards and place your ipod on one. Stack your two cards on each other and cut out a square a little bigger then your ipod. When done you should have two ipod shaped squares.

Step 2: Tape, Tape, Tape and More (tape)

Now all you must do is wrap tape around the two index cards strip. It goes faster then you'd think.
Remember to tape the edges and to wrap the whole way around it!

Step 3: The Backbone of the Project (thats a Pun!)

Now you can place a piece of tape to attach both cards. Add a separate piece of tape on the other side too.

Step 4: Add the Ipod Case!!!!!!!!

Stick a piece of tape through the two slits in the back like shown in the picture. Then you can attach it to the inside of the "book" you've just made. You can also add reinforcement to the connection like glue or another piece of tape. Once it is in you can also staple it.

Step 5: Another Idea!

If you do this same project with the tape shown in the picture below, you could draw on the case, and make it even more pimped!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    i just made this with red electrical tape very nice :)