Pimp My Upright~





Introduction: Pimp My Upright~

we took an abused upright bass and made it fit in our rockabilly band~

Step 1: Stripped It,

varnish remover, not a good idea to breath this for more than 2 seconds, whew~

Step 2: Sanded It

used a random orbital sander to keep it smooth~

Step 3: Primer

we primered about 3 coats

Step 4: Flat Black Paint

there are about 5 layers of paint, we sanded between each layer as to make it primo!

Step 5: Diamond Plate F-hole Covers

we play loud so we needed to get rid of the feeback~



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    very nice joel... also, cant wait to play again... hehehe

    what tone? if it was a great bass i would have never done it. But we also use for live band situation and are using a pickup for it. good thought though~

    I'm sorry, but even if it was a bad bass, i still hate seeing one, well ruined. Sure it looks cool, but I guess I'm just odd.

    I agree, .total tone killer,. amplified or not. A cheap $600+ plywood upright already needs a good setup and attention just to get decent tone, painting like a ratbike aint gonna do it anygood. although I love the look demonstrated in this instructable, there are better ways. 1st off ,. primer not needed for this job,. primer is meant to fill scratches and promote paint adhesion on metals and plastics. On wood you simply sand smooth,. use a little wood or grain filler if needed,. then paint. If looking for the Ratrod look ,. to maintain tone, i would use black stain to stain the wood black,. then spray it with a lacquer or nitrocellulose flattened or satin clear. Which would run about 40 bucks but not deaded tone,. worth it i think. Fun instructable!!

    Awesome. All this talk of uprights makes me want to listen to the living end.

    Very nice. Where do you find an abused upright bass? My daughters are playing with school instruments, which are definitely abused, but not for sale. I'll check at our local repair shop.

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    could always make one dude, just buy the neck bridge and tailpiece and make your own body, that would be pimpalicious