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About: i am an artist and musician. i make things of use out of things that no longer have use. i think the hip term is "upcycling." i post a lot of inspirational and entertainment videos on oc...

i turned a vintage charlie's angels pinball machine into the coolest desk ever. check out the video to see how! -tim

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    2 years ago

    Should have left the back on it, made it swivel, put in a monitor and played pinball.

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    Holy Yes!...Question... How do you account for the angle of the glass? Could you extend the front legs?

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    The legs on the right side are cut shorter than the legs on the left to counter the slant of the machine. It was a little tricky getting the right length. I stacked blocks under the short side until the top was level and measured the difference. Thanks for watching!

    This is a great idea, while your doing your studies u can just insert a coin and play

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    it would be awesome if it still worked, but since it had to be flat to be a desk... maybe next time i'll put a working digital vid game in there

    or quarters fall out ;-) i found about $5 worth coins (not all quarters) in there as i dismantled it. most dated late 1970s and early 80s. thanks for watching! -tim

    Being someone that does Pinball restoration..
    I watched the video and yes. this machine was beyond monetary restoration value. playfield looked pretty flaked and also the back glass.
    I commend you on your reuse of the machine. and I think you could actually add more to it.. such as adding a computer into the coin door or somewhere else.

    would be great to see other machines turned into desks instead of being destroyed. I have seen way to many go into the trash bin because it was to costly to restore or get running.
    Great job.

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    send those machines going to the trash my way! ;-)

    i have plans to do more salvage work with the guy i got the angel's machine from. it's a win-win i pay him for a machine he can't sell and give him back most of the useable parts! i have a trashed star trek playfield in my shop now, but i'm kind of selfishly keeping that one for myself...

    the coin door area became a lockbox. i walled it all up and got the key working again for valuables.i like your idea, too, as long as it can be removed for upgrades so my work doesn't become obsolete too! lol

    thanks for continuing the dialogue - i think it is kind of an important one. i'd hate for people to imitate what i do with things that still have value as-is.

    be good,

    Would love to send you more.. but as of now I am out of the restoration of pinball machines for now..
    Moved out of the US to Denmark and had to move all my machines to other homes.
    Will keep you in mind if I find any more in the US when I visit.


    What a great bit of recycling. Now I want an unfixable machine to do this with. My wife is gonna hate you! Thanks for sharing!

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