Pinecone Flower Lamp

Introduction: Pinecone Flower Lamp

Does your room lack light and creativity? Do you wish you could get a cool lamp for less then ten dollars? Well if these things relate to your problems than, I have the perfect solution. You can make a spoon lamp and spice it up with your own style.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

•hot glue gun
•light bulb
•scissors or wire cutters
•2L Bottle and lid
•5 packs of 20 spoons
•double sided tape
•hot glue sticks
•GE bottle lamp kit
•sand paper
•tissue paper
•fishing line or string

Step 2: Steps

1. Gather equipment and materials you will need
2. Clean the bottle, take off the label, and cut off the bottom
3. Put the lamp fitting together in the bottle
4. Screw the light bulb in to the light fitting
5. Check to make sure the light works correctly if not,re-read the directions
6. Then line the bottle with double sided tape with even spaces to make gluing the spoons easier
7. Break off the handles and then cut the edge to make them even, make sure to leave some of the handle on the spoon
8. Lightly sand the edge of the handle to make smooth
9. Repeat steps 6 through 7 for all the spoons
10. Stick the spoons on without gluing them to see where they need to be positioned
11. After placing each spoon in the right position glue each spoon on the bottle with the hot glue gun
12. Continue to glue the rest of spoons until it is completely covered
13. To hide the top row of spoons make 3 colorful flowers from tissue paper and  string
14. Cut 3 pieces of tissue paper in half and stack them on top of each other
15. Next fold 1- 1.5 cm over and then fold like an accordion back and forth with the same amount each fold (1-1.5 cm)
16. After folding it all the way down, in the middle of your tissue paper tie your string tight to keep the folded parts together
17. Cut the ends of the tissue so they round off
18. Spread out the line and separate the different layer of tissue paper to make it full and look like a flower
19. After making two more of the tissue paper flowers hot glue them to the top of your bottle to hide the top row
20. Finally hang your new lamp anywhere you want

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