Knex Glock23




Introduction: Knex Glock23

this is the most powerful slide pistol on this site ( I know this because I built them all) I love slide guns. originally it loaded from the handle but it had feeding problems so instead I made it muzzle load for more power. you can hold the bullets in the mag P.S I AM LEFT HANDED SO IF YOU ARE RIGHT HANDED PUT MAG AND SLIDE RELEASE ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE GUN!

Step 1: Slide


Step 2: Body


Step 3: Mag


Step 4: PUT TOGETHER!!!!!!!

put together

Step 5: Rubber Bands

rubber bands

Step 6: Load & Fire

load & fire



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    How do you get it to shoot that far? my trigger keeps breaking when I use more rubber bands.

    ok imleft handed too but ironman69 id love to make these slide pistols but you always use broken parts! i have like broken connecters but no broken rods!

    THIS GUN IS AWSOME! I even modded it to look like the smg from a game called half life 2.

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    you mean the mp7? i love that gun (and the game, ravenholm was a serious work of (scary) art, made me jump.)

    i have made a silenser and a red dot sight for it i think it now looks even better, without it it is allready an awsome gun

    this is awesome when i get more knes im makin this so i can do air soft wars