Pitchfork Rebuild

Introduction: Pitchfork Rebuild

broke another yard tool. hmmm what do? ahhh rebuild broken tool of course. Here is what i did. first take the busted pitchfork and toss it in the fire pit. This is the easiest way I have found to remove the broken old wooden handle.

Step 1: Pokey Bits

Once out of the fire and cooled off, you will have something that looks a bit like this (it will probably look worse my camera was mia when i pulled this outta the fire pit).

Step 2: Wire Wheel Fun

Take the business end of the fork and stick in in a vise. take the wire wheel attachment and put it on ye olde angle grinder. make the rusty, charred and otherwise undesirable layers go buh-bye.

Step 3: Your Pole

I also set this in the fire for a while. my hope was to get the galvanized coating off, it doesn't weld well. You will also want to take the wire wheel to this. the cleaner you get it the better.

Step 4: Weld It Up

I know, I know those welds look awful. Weld the fork and the new handle together. try to do a better job than i did. i suck at this.

Step 5: Back to Work

There ya go all fixed up get back to work.

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