Pizza Place Quiche

Introduction: Pizza Place Quiche

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So first off this didnt turn out quite as i had hoped, but i think some minor tweaking is all that would be needed, and figured id still put this up to share and possibly get some feedback, feel free to comment.

i had some liquid egg i needed to use up, so i brought it to work and decided to attempt my first quiche since grade 8 home ec class

Step 1: Step 1

assemble your ingredients, the only thing i regret is trying to use a pizza crust, and not making it thinner, i took a lightly oiled crust and put it in a tin lasagna pan, then i chopped up some mushrooms, green peppers and onion

Step 2: Step 2

and then i added some chicken and the liquid egg, and topped it off with mozzarella and some cheddar

Step 3: Step 3

cook it! i put it through the pizza oven twice for about 6 minutes each time, the temperature was a bit high, i believe near 500 i covered the quiche with an upside down pizza pan to save it from burning immediately from the direct heat, the only problem was the pan touched the top and burnt the crust edge and a bit of the top, but once i cracke doff the crust edge it was as good as any quiche ive ever had

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