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About: mac is bad windows is great lunix is awsome! hacking is ok. progaming is cool. high voltage is awsome! doint use the basic stamp,only use atmel and PIC! I like open sorce STUFF! the world will be to...

so I had some fun with the tracker but no trackable orders :-(



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      10 years ago on Introduction

      IF you want to start dissecting network traffic, check out a program called wireshark (google it, free download), it's a packet sniffer and lets you see all the packets going to and from your network interface that you choose. It is useful to see what kind of data is being sent and recieved, now if you want to start modifying and manipulating browser requests check out a program called burp, its written in java and is quite useful for finding flaws in web applications. Cheers


      10 years ago on Introduction

      I can't read what those windows say, and the tracker is slightly correct, lol as far as I notice. So far they've been delivered from 30 to 40 minutes, go dominos!