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new design; The Plant Shelf

new design; The Plant Arm

please check out my other designs @ https://www.instructables.com/member/0bios0/

peace to all...

youtube video in action:

again the idea is to grow plants anywhere, anytime - turn those dark windowless office spaces, or apartment buildings into a place of life and light. think about it, all those cubicals we have all over the world, they all have computers in them. we can bring the sun shine with us anywhere

Step 1: Parts

- 22" gauge wire from radio shack.

- perforated metal hanger / local hardware store ($2.50 a roll)

- L shaped brackets / local hardware store ($3.50 set of 4)

- some zip ties for security

- usb cable

- wooden plank cut to size

- about 10 screws

the design itself is extremely light, all you have to do is to stabilize the plant. that's the only real weight. the metal hanger can be very easily bent to shape, but remember it is actually extremely strong if you know how to use it. It can easily care bot of those plants with just a single screw. just make sure you are screwing into wood, not drywall - if so; please use a drywall plastic screw hosing, they have this at the hardware store as well, probably $5/pack.

for the solar attachment;

Solar Charge your LED grow lights post

Step 2: Conclusion

I have 2 high power LEDs, each are 660nm, they are connected in series totaling to 5V @350mA. Each LED is 2.5-2.7 said the packaging. got them from Ebay for $8/10pack. According to my research on USB ports, they give out 5V but the mA given is adjusted as needed, so when I plug these lights in to my laptop, at first they are brighter for like a half second, probably receiving 500mA at that moment, then the laptop reduces it to 350mA. which should be ok. they give off no heat what so ever. the plant on top already doubled in size and getting ready to bloom, within 7 days, maybe less 5...

I get all my parts from the thrift stores, only the high power LEDs are actually bought. this webpage showed me to be very creative and use all my available resources prior to purchasing new junk. i hate buying new things when we have sooo much gold laying around in the trash.

remember to check out my

first prototype; https://www.instructables.com/id/USB-powered-LED-pl...


second prototype; https://www.instructables.com/id/USB-powered-LED-pl...



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    4 years ago

    1 more question
    Could you describe the factors make a good led grow light is the 660mn stand for lumens? Is there a ideal lm rating?

    1 reply
    Akin YildizMadMuz

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    just make sure that your LEDs are high power leds (350mA each) minimum 1W.

    the above example won't be suitable for every plant, since just one LED can't provide enough light. but for these plants yes it is ok.


    ideal lumens rating would change for the size of each plant working with LEDs in my opinion. a 23W cfl bulb is usually rated around 1700lumens which puts out equal to a 100W incandascent bulb. but you can't get these bulbs as close to the plant as you would with LEDs - in my personal experiences, 20x1W LEDs is plenty for 1 plant, eventhough this equals to about 1200lumens, you can spread them out way more, getting a much wider coverage area. if you take 20 LEDs and put 10 above the plant and 5 on each side, you will have a much stronger shine from all angles.


    in a short answer, I will never go back to using CFLs to grow plants. this wasn't possible just a few years ago, but now not only are they extremely cheap, easy to use and impossible to break, but they feel much more natural, and they bring out colors on leaves that I didn't see before.


    thank you for your interest


    4 years ago

    Cool man love ya work and that is it usb powered is a major plus gonna make me 1 and ill post back