Planter, Recycle, Decorate, Office

Introduction: Planter, Recycle, Decorate, Office

About: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.

Decorate your office for looks and to make you feel more at home.

Step 1: Find Empty Cans or Any Container You Wish

Start by finding empty coffee cans or empty soda bottles (1 liter)

Make two holes and insert metal grommets to help resist the gravity forces of the weight of water. I used water, dirt would probably be heavier.

Step 2: Use Wire

I used picture hanging wire bought at the dollar store. I use three strands of wire to add strength.

Use coat hanger or any other thicker wire or method to hang from your partitions.

Step 3: Enjoy

Enjoy the view and impress your co-workers. A few ladies have complemented and wanted to copy my plant hangers.

Step 4:

IMPORTANT NOTE: My first versions of the plant hangers was empty 1 liter soda bottles, the green color. They looked very nice because they were see through. The only problem was that they are round and if they were bumped they tended to rotate/swing and possibly spill the water. As you can see, my second version are coffee containers that are squared, this works out better for stability but don't look as nice as see through bottles.

I usually change the water and clean the containers once every Friday. But it's not really necessary.

Thanks for reading.

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