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Okay i'm a huge fan of glovePIE and lego star wars so i put both in one project! the gamepad i have for my PC is really short so i have to sit right next to the tower to play but not anymore. if you all ready have a wiimote and nunchuk connected to your computer and a copy of Lego Star Wars then your all set to go.

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Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Ok the things you need are
1 wiimote
1 nunchuk
1 copy of Lego Star Wars for PC (any will do but i did it with the original trilogy)
and one bluetooth adapter

Step 2: Get Connected

if you all ready have your wiimote sync. up with your PC you can skip this step if you don't then
to hook wiimote up to your computer. plug your bluetooth USB into your computer then open it up your bluetooth stack. click "new connection", click okay and press the 1+2 buttons on your wiimote. the when you've connected the wiimote's LEDS will keep flashing.

Step 3: Obtain the Software

to do this you'll need glovePIE you can get it at
and you will need any of the lego star wars for PC

Step 4: Program GlovePIE

okay the coolest part of this is that it dosen't use PPjoy. anyway you need to open up glovePIE and copy and paste the code from below into glovePIE
you move with the nunchuk's joystick
A jumps
B shoots
C tags
Z special
toggle up +
toggle down -
start Home
// this is some FX for the makes the LEDs do the wave//
/* I put it in an IF statement so it can run in the background
and no slow the reaction time */
if wiimote.Exists
wiimote.led1 = true
wait 100ms
wiimote.led2 = true
wiimote.led1 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led3 = true
wiimote.led2 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led4 = true
wiimote.led3 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led3 = true
wiimote.led4 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led2 = true
wiimote.led3 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.Led1 = true
wiimote.led2 = false
wait 100ms
// Okay here's the controls //
key.a = wiimote.A
key.b = wiimote.B
key.c = wiimote.Nunchuk.ZButton
key.d = wiimote.nunchuk.CButton
key.numpad6 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyx) > 0
key.numpad4 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyX) < 0
key.numpad8 = Round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyY) < 0
key.numpad2 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyY) > 0
key.i = wiimote.Plus
key.j = wiimote.Minus
key.k = wiimote.Home

Step 5: Putting the Controls Into Action

now run Lego Star Wars and go to controller options and set your controls to this

move left num6
move right num4
move up num8
move down num2
jump a
action b
special c
tag d
toggle up i
toggle down j
start k

Step 6: Test Run

go down to apply and test out your controls if they work then congratulations

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    8 years ago on Step 2

    cant seem to connect mine! help, please


    8 years ago on Step 4

    why didnt you use motion controls lol ?


    9 years ago on Step 1

    I cant see the bluetooth adapter??