Playing Card Box

this how to make a playing card box using just playing cards (no tape)

Step 1: Supplies

one deck of cards (optional 2 different color for different color sides)

Step 2:

align the cards one on its side and one standing up then fold the edges and then center again and fold the sides inward

Step 3:

now separate an inerlock the two

Step 4:

now make 8 for a small box

Step 5:

now use other cards to put the squares together and fold the cards for corners and leave strait for the wall P.S make the wall first then floor

Step 6:

now put it all together and your done



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    4 years ago

    got to nuy more card decks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    for halloween, I'm going as Queen of Cards, this helped ALOT for a idea to use for a candy bag^^ make it a lil bigger, and there you go! thanks!

    1 reply