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this is a hat made almost entirely out of playing cards i built it using instructions from Party top-hat made of playing cards and these worked really well but it was a little uncomfortable and a little big so i edited it by adding an old beanie to it.
for this whole thing you will need 2/3 possibly  packs of cards depending on how big your head is and how tall you want it, a stapler and a lot of staples (would advise not the cheapest stapler as at some points you are stapelling through up to 5 cards an it knackered the cheep stapler i used, and an old beanie.if yo add the beanie in during stage 8ish it works well and keeps your head cool i did think about cutting the top of the beanie so that i could pull it down and pretend it want me if i got embarrassed but i figured that would make the hat unravel and people can get used to me being strange. good luck if you try this and watch out because staples are sharp. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting Mod! I made these with campers a couple of years ago, ages 7-14 (boys) they adored them!! I know that some of the kids felt like you. I made one using E-6000 which helped with the comfort, the problem of course is that glue stinks, it takes a while to dry and it not kid friendly. This is a great plan! Very nice job!

    1 reply

    Yeah, glue is better, but requires more work, I liked the stapler because it was quick and readily available and with this mod makes it both quick and comfortable.