Pocket Crossbow

Introduction: Pocket Crossbow

In this instructable i will teach you how to build a pocket crossbow that is made out of common objects everyone should have.

I was bored in math class one day and I loved building things so I decided to build a crossbow (yes in high school) all I had were the standard school supplies that were required for my classes. By the end of class I had a working crossbow that put paperclips in to the walls. This is a dangerous crossbow do not let the simplicity of it cause you to hurt your self or anyone around you.


Step 1: Supplies

First gather up all the supplies you will need,

  1. Three un-sharpened pencils
  2. Five rubber bands (or if your like me a few dollar bags)
  3. A few paperclips
  4. A small clip, I used a notebook clip but any small clip that requires some force to open will work
  5. Wire cutters small set
  6. Needle nose pliers small set
  7. The most important is safety glases

Step 2: Building the Frame

To build the frame of the crossbow,

  1. Take three pencils and three rubber bands.
  2. Hold the pencils together
  3. Wrap one rubber band around the middle of the pencils
  4. Wrap one rubber band around each end of the pencils so it looks like the picture

Step 3: Adding the Bow String

For the "bow string" part

  1. Slide the rubber band holding the end of the pencils that will be sharpened towards the middle so you can lift two pencils away from the third
  2. Slide one more rubber band in so it is pinched between the two and one pencil
  3. Slide the rubber band back up that you slide down so it looks like the picture

Step 4: The Trigger

This step you add the "trigger"

  1. Open the clip and slide it under the rubber band wrapped around the eraser end of the pencils, be sure the clip is on top of the two pencils that are separated at the other end by the "bow string"
  2. Wrap another rubber band around the back end of the clip so its held in place in two spots
  3. check to make sure it can open and close with out moving away from the pencils

Step 5: Your Crossbow Is Complete

Now the crossbow is finished stretch the rubber band back to prime it for firing


Step 6: Making Aarows

Paperclips make the perfect ammo since they are everywhere and easy to find, you can use pencils or anything light that can fit on the frame of the crossbow

  1. Straighten all the paperclips you want, I did one for the instructions
  2. role them on a table to find any odd bends you want them to be as straight as possible I used pliers to help get all the bends out

Step 7: Part One Bend

Now that they are straight you need a way for the bow string to catch and launch the aarows

  1. Using the needle nose pliers bend about a finger width almost 180 degrees back towards the tip
  2. Dont bend it all the way so you can add the second bend easier

Step 8: Part Two Bend

Now taking the short bent part you need to bend it back so it can catch on the bow string

  1. Roughly imagine the bent part in to thirds
  2. One third from the first bend you want to bend it back so its roughly a 45 degree angle
  3. Keeping the angle slightly bend it so it hooks instead of a straight line so it can nicely catch on the bow string
  4. On the first bend finish pinching it against the shaft of the arrow as best as you can

Step 9: Now Your Done

Now that you are done it takes practice to fire it. The middle rubber band is a type of shim so you can use shorter ammo and it will not get caught on the front frame rubber band, for full sized ammo (past the bow string) just slide it to the end away from the trigger and for shorter ammo slide it back so its just past the tip of the current object


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    Cool design, and I love your attention to safety. Looks like it would be fun for target practice with some tin cans! Thanks for sharing!