Pocket Sized Altoids Survival Kit.





Introduction: Pocket Sized Altoids Survival Kit.

this is an easy yet life saving device that you could make at home that could potentailly save your life some day i really hope you like it and put it to good use.

Step 1: Step 1

ok first you need to gather the materials...

1: garbage bag
2: 6 rubber bands
3: 6 paper clips
4: 4 nails
5: 1 micro multi tool
6: 1 permanent marker
7: 1 wound ball of string
8: 1 pezio electric sparker {from a candle lighter}
9: match book
10: an led blinkie {from dollar store}
11: 2 super bright white leds
12: 1 cr2032 3 volt battery
13: 1 lazer pointer/led flashlight
14: 2 rock climbing clips
15: rope
16: 1 piece of paper

Step 2: Step 2

now jam pack that altoids box full of the items on the last step neatfully. later on i even put a spare cell phone in a nother altoids box with one of those energizer phone chargers u power with 4 aa batteries.

Step 3: Step 3

now what you wanna do is you wanna take those 2 mountain climbing clips and attach the two rubber bands to both of them and wrap it around the altoids box as many times u can without snapping the rubber bands.

Step 4: Step 4

ok finally you have to wrap the rope tightly around the ouside of the altoids box and tie the two ends togeter. and guess what your done. and you could pontentailly save your life later on because you took the time to do this easy pocketsized instructable. thanks for watching and comment please



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    36 Discussions

    yeah i know right?  there are more exactly identicle altoids survival kits than there are people (or altoids) to make them all.

    GRRRRR! GRRRRR! GRRRRR! Why doesn't anyone make a desert survival kit? *rushes to the desert supply store and candy shop*

    How are the rubber bands, paper clips, markers, laser pointer, LED, 1.5v battery going to help you get food, cook food, purify water, or make fire?

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    Rubber bands help you to easily make shelter, paper clips can be bent into a fish hook (trust me, it's easy), markers are for the good old message-in-a-altoids-tin, the laser pointer might be a odd attempt at signalling, the LED is a good attempt at signalling, the battery is to power the LED.

    I don't want to be a Buzz Killington, but since this kit is for an extreme situation requiring your survival I have to make these points. - Paperclips won't make a good fish hook. They will bend easily under weight. Just add real fish hooks. They are just as light and will do the job much better. - Rubber bands are not good under freezing conditions. They deteriorate rapidly. This is why people usually use paracord for making a shelter. - Laser pointer, while it is long range and effective, is not a good idea since rescuers in a plane may assume it is some teenagers trying to flash them for a laugh. (Yes, it's really happened before.) And the rescuers may ignore the laser. - LEDs, in general, do not shine very far, unless a special lens is used, and then the range is limited. Based on my experience in making my own LED flashlights and testing some store bought ones.

    not really, better using stiffer material. if you hook anything its going to bend, and not any extra material to make a barb on it

    By the time you need to use it, the rubber bands will have porbably dried out.

    Do you have an instructables showing what everything is used for, and how to use it?

    battery for leds for signal lighting and the paper and marker are for the trusty old message in o bottle !!! @_@