Pocket Squirttube

Introduction: Pocket Squirttube

i am sorry in advance for no action shots but i will post a video soon(some one my room mate thew out it ) but i do have builing instructions
and im sorry about the darkness

Step 1:

first gather supplies and tools
1. a bic pen
2. leather man
3. gel epoxy
4. napkins
5. thumb tack
6. any thing else you want to customize it

Step 2:

first dissasemble the pen completly, it will get messy because the ink cartrige has to be emptied. i recomend doing this overa a sink

Step 3:

next using tak pierce the end of the pen tube for the squirt tip and keep it with the ink cartrige

Step 4:

now spray the inside with pam and stick the ink tube in the larger tube then add epoxy in and let dry

Step 5:

once the epoxy has takied up slide the clump around in the tube and let dry

Step 6:

now that it is dried put the tip in a liquid and pull back on the ink cartidge to creat a suction then push it to fire only good for one shot add the cap for cool storage

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes the images are a bit dark - no flash? I think there's something good in here, but it's hard to see. Could you take the bits outside and photograph them? L