Polymer Clay Charm (cupcake)




Introduction: Polymer Clay Charm (cupcake)

This is a small charm perfect for a handmade birthday gift for friends and family.

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Step 1: Cupcake Mold

Get your cupcake mold ready

Step 2: Choose Your Color for the Base

Pick a color of clay for the bottom of your cupcake and roll it into a ball.

Step 3: Squish the Clay

Make sure to press down hard to ensure the clay reaches all corners of the mold.

Step 4: Get a Knife and Cut the Access

Be careful with the knife (; and get rid of access clay that you cut off (or keep it)

Step 5: Add the Top of the Cake

Pick your cake color and roll out the same side amount as the base. Center it on the base and press down. Press on all sides to make it look like a muffin top

Step 6: Add Texture

Get an old toothbrush and tap the top genteelly to add desired texture to the cake part on top

Step 7: Add a Face

Roll out 2 small black balls and smush them on where you would like the eyes. Roll out a thin piece of black and use a toothpick to attach the mouth.

Step 8: Add Frosting

You can buy these mixtures or make them. I made mine. See another tutorial.
Take a toothpick and add desired frosting amount to the top. Smear around until desired look is achieved.

Step 9: Add an Eye Pin

This is how you can attach a charm clasp later. Simply stick it in your desired area.

Step 10: Add Decorations

You can add fake sprinkle, fake fruits, etc. I just used a nail art piece that looks like a strawberry.

Step 11: Bake It to Harden

Set your oven to 235 and place your cupcake on a piece of foil in the oven. Wait 20mins and you have a cute little handmade charm!

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