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I was given an old rotten trailer and decided to make a small pop up events trailer for market stalls etc. the aim was to fit everything i need for catering into a small nice looking trailer. It hasa 12v electrical system running

hot and cold water for hand washing, a fridge freezer and 12v coolboxes.

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Step 1: Clean Up and Frame

I removed all the old rotten wood from the trailer and all the fixings. I then used my angle grinder to clean it up and painted it with a rust stop paint.

I lined the base with marine ply and built a thick frame to build onto.

Step 2: Folding Top and Gastro Holder

I added two bars at the back to fit Gastronorms which will be used for storing salads, breads etc.

For the top i deconstructed an extra long pallet, I then fixed these together into three sections using battons underneath and wood glue. the front (customer facing) was attatched to the middle with shed hindges above and the middle to the back with door hindges underneath to create a 3 way fold to act as a customer facing.

Step 3: Side Panels

Using treated planks I made frames for the sides and front and attatched them using glue and coach bolts. for the centre I painted marine ply with chalk board paint and glued and screwed from behind.

For the door which will access the fridge and water i used pallet wood for strenght.

Step 4: Back Door

For the back door i used and old dining table. I cut it to size, routered out the groove for the hinges on the bottom door and added the metal hinges, I then added a lip using a peice of pallet.

For the top i hinged the peice at the top and added a simple kick stand to hold it horizontal.

I then sanded and varnished all the wood

Step 5: Electrics

I built a frame for a 12v caravan fridge freezer and installed at the front of the trailer

Added 12v led strips to illuminate the customer facing blackboard and serving hatch.

I fixed a 12v hod/cold water unit to the door, routing out slots in 2x2 wood to take the maine ply the heater is mounted to, I then drilled holes from the side so i can slide pins in to lock it at working height.

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    4 years ago

    What a clever idea, I would love to know how the project turned out. I would hire them for a catering service, just to see they would make it work. It's very creative and I don't think there's anything quite like it. You mentioned that it had hot and cold water, I would love to know how many gallons of water it carries? <a href='http://www.alpinecatering.ca' > http://www.alpinecatering.ca</a>

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for the comment, I have 20L of water held in the heater for hand washing and carry 2 20L containers. I work it alongside my smoker BBQ avaliable for private hire and events throughout the uk www.artisam.co.uk


    4 years ago

    that is incredible, thanks for sharing :-D

    Left-field Designs

    4 years ago

    nice, you should enter this in the car competition


    4 years ago

    where a pic of it all together and working?