Portable Mini-lyre




Introduction: Portable Mini-lyre

About: A retired electronics engineer -motorola. delveing into new craft ideas and contest entries.

A miniature Lyre of 1-1/2 octaves . enclose it in a box carrier. Published  last week.
Sharps keys are possible. See pdf on how to.



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    i have included a tuning screw for each string. Just tune it by twisting the hook screw and strumming it while listening to the not you are tuning to on my casio.
    These tuners are novel-- never used before in instruments. Discovered after many years of trials.I have no patents on it and am giving it away to my friendly DIY followers to use.

    Hi-The tuners are located on the top side of the string attachement on a wooden 1/2 in, rod. The screw is rotated clockwise to increase the pitch. Unlike strings of nylon these strings are easy to tune since they are elastic polyner strings.
    Hope this answers your query.