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Introduction: Portable Bike Repair Stand

I decided to build bike repair stand so I searched for instructions but at every kind was a little cons - too expensive, too weak, too complicated and so. So I decided to combine some ideas and create improved model. Because I living in building and I want to store the stand in my warehouse I looking for stand that will be portable, cheap and stable.

Step 1:


this you need:

1. Base of Office chair

2. Metal water pipe: 2x 90 angle , T connector , 4x 30cm , 1x 150cm – the width for all is 3/4 inch

3. Pipe wrenches

4. Tape

5. Recommended- Piece of metal stick as moment lever

Some Notes:

1. The length of the main pipe is depending on which height want the bike and can be changed.

2. Because of the narrow base width I was afraid that the stand will be unstable but as I finished building the stand I find out that I can put the bike close as possible to the column and the stand is very stable and also the column Does not interfere to the crank rolling because the column is between the pedal and the chainring.

3. The hole in the office chair was a beat bigger then 3/4 inch so I taped the bottom of the column and with twisting movements I put it in.

Step 2:

just build the stand as shown in pictures

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