Portable Concert Set-up

Introduction: Portable Concert Set-up

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OK this was a tough one. but being the smart, awesome, genius that I am ;) I managed to figure it out. OK really its not that hard depending on what kind of tools you have open to you. but may I warn you it is incredibly DANGEROUS (you could die).
disclaimer: if you happen to get electrocuted while performing this task, note that it is not my fault your dead (its my younger brothers).
To the point. really this is not as complicated as the title makes it look. its just my amplifier that I took apart and got it to fit in a suit case.
you need an amp, a suit case, hot glue, duct or electrical tape (preferably electric), ply wood, and hot glue.

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Step 1: Disasemble the Amp

this is where the HIGH VOLTAGE comes in (yay) but hold on (awwww). before you do anything ANYTHING, AAANNNNYYYYTTTHHHIIIINNNGGGG. unplug the amp. if you don't you may suffer from death.
you must CAREFULLY take out the innards and speaker/s trying not to ruin any circuits. you will have to unscrew some stuff before you do this. word of the wise: keep the screws.
the speaker should be attached to a wire, careful not to destroy the wire.
it might take a little while to get all out but in the end its worth it. don't use any unnecsasary amounts of force to take it all out, the Instructable is not HOW TO BREAK YOUR AMP IN 3 EASY STEPS.

Step 2: Puting It Together

place the electronics and speaker into the case like shown in picture, make sure you can turn the dials without getting electrocuted. you can also leave a little room for you to role up the power cord into the case.

Step 3: Attach the Stuff

use hot glue or screws to attach the amp and speaker. I used hot glue for the speaker and screws for the amp. easy. just make sure it can't fall out.

Step 4: Saftyify You Amp

use the tape to cover up any wires or places your fingers can slip in and get zapped by the electronics (ouch).

Step 5: Cover the Electronics With Wood

as the title of the step says: cover the electronics with some plywood and glue where you think nesscacary. you can also paint the wood for some added pazzaz (if your into that kind of thing)

Step 6: Yay

you have successfully completed your carry amp (whatever you want to call it). you can add extra stuff if you wish. if you do tell me about it. I'd like to here your ideas.
feel free to comment rate and subscribe;) seeya next time:)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    does it sound really thin? i would imagine... there's no enclosure....