Portable Lightning Take 2




Introduction: Portable Lightning Take 2

this is the 2nd try of my portable lightning.
1st 1 i screwed up (damm camera)

but now the pictures are better (not all but most of them).

but 1 warning there are high voltages here you cant kill yu with it (i hope) but it does hurt (zaped myself a vew times)

do not touch anny of the blank wires when there is power on it.

and never touch the transformer wires.

Step 1: Get All the Things You Need

you need:
@ handy toolset
@ soldering iron
@ wirestripper
@ hot glue gun
@ dril for M3 (not on picture)
@ drilling machine (not on picture)

materials you need:

@ candy (in dutch "zoute drop")
@ a electric fly swather (i dont know the real name)
@ a transormer (same 1 as in portable lightning V1)
@ a peace of wood
@ 2 peaces electrik wire
@ 6 nuts M3
@ 2 bolds M3 must be 4 cm
@ a cup of coffe (not on pictures got it later that night)
@ a xenon flash bulp (camera flash)
@ 2 cabe shoews
@ 4 rings M3
@ some peace of plexi glass
@ soldering tin

Step 2: Firsht Step: Make the Spark Gap

bend the plexi glass into a U shaped form.

then drill a hole strait tru (not seen on the photo's a little blurry)
on both sides so they are facing each other.

connect the wires to the shoews

thake the bold place a nut on it and a ring.

place the wire shoew afther the ring.

than another ring and another nut.

place this trough the hole.

and tighten it (not to tight it has to be adjustable for the spark)

do the same thing on the other side

Step 3: Seconde Step : Get the Inverter

you know the electrick fly swather
the make a painfull zapp if you touch them

but we are going to modivy 1
it does not discarge anymore
and makes the zaps harder.
so remove the recistor the is paralel with the 2 wires that go to the "GRID" (AKA zapping tennis racket)

now it is verry strong.

now cut the "GRID" off (i mean the wires just bevore they enter the "GRID")

now cut half of the casing (that holds the prints) away.

close it and this step is done.

Step 4: Step 4: Wire It

well this is the easyest part.

firsht hot glue it to the wooden base see (sharp) picture

now wire 1 side of the spark gap to the secondary side of the transformator)

the othe side of the spark gap to 1 of the 2 zapper wires

then solder the othe zapper wire to the other side of the secondairy coil.

well that was it almost.

Step 5: Step 5: Fine Tuning the Spark Gap

this is the hardest part becaus you have to fine tune the spark gap.

if it is to big there are no sparks.
to small and it will burn your zapper.

you can fine tune it with a lamp from a scanner.

if it blinkes to mucht make the gap smaller.
but if it is to bright make the gab bigger.

see video's for more info.
(dang captured myself a vew times)

note the sound that the sparkgap makes

101_0419: is my firsth test (yes my transformer is zapping himself)
101_0428: methode of fine tuning
101_0429: methode of fine tuning with ligh bulp (dang camera cant see flashes)
101_0430: video in the dark (spooky)
101_0431: video in the dark (onn offing)
101_0432: this what it is all about the portable lightning.

Step 6: Last Step: Postmortal Help

if you need help
mail me

if you have biuld it pleas send pics and video's to me also

for the rest post here

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    i just got the same tool kit as you have at bestbuy (not sure why, i though best buy was more tv's, videogames, computers, etc...) for $8.95 on sale.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    new... i have it new from my grand parrents (they used it alot) and it can only record 30 seconds video. it is a kodac camera.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    la-main this is something that will work if you get the distance in the sparkgap richt. i like IT!