Portable Speakers

Introduction: Portable Speakers

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in this instructable i will be creating a set of portable speakers from a set of cheap computer speakers.

You will need:

Soldering Iron
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers

And of course a set of computer speakers (any type of small speaker should do I'm just using cheap ones i got from importers salvage center they were about $8 AUD) and an mp3 player to play it on. one with changeable batteries is better because this drains them a fair bit.

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Step 1: Pull Apart

OK YAY now you get to break stuff. open the case and remove the speaker component from case and cut the wires about 10 cm or so from the solder joints. you can do this with one and keep one as a spare but i will show you how to create the portable with 2.

Step 2: Data Cable

Now all you need to do is to cut the connector off the data cable giving yourself about 7 cm of data cable to use. and split the double cord down the middle so now you have a positive and negative cable press the data cable and the speaker cables together until you find a configuration that works then daisy chain them together.

Step 3: 2nd Speaker

now you should have 2 wires coming from your unused speaker. connect them to the other speaker +to+ -to - and your done.

Step 4: Notes

the volume on this currently is not great. I'm about to add an amp to the circuit, and put it in a project box once i do that i will update the instructable

thanks for listening Children

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    i did this same thing too, and i found out that simply putting them in an enclosure makes them a heck of a lot louder and adds bass. just make sure your enclosure is big enough on the inside to resonate sound and make sure it is sealed off. i also want to put an amp in mine, but im having trouble finding one. there are many kits online, but it would be nice if i could figure out how to power the ones that came with the speakers off of batteries, but i'm still working on that. good luck!