Portable Swing




Introduction: Portable Swing

Have you ever had the feeling when walking in the park,that you wanted to swing from a tree there?

But setting up a conventional swing is just to much effort?

Well, here is the answer !

This is a light weight, portable and easy to use swing.

Set up your swing in a matter of minutes and have fun for the rest of the day.

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Step 1:

Step 2: Materials

for this project, you will need :

-rope, make sure to use a rope that can handle your weight

-plywood: i used plywood with a thickness of 12mm

-a sturdy material to sit on: i used a doormat that i trimmed to size

-2 carabiners: like the rope, be sure that they can handle the weight

-drill+drillbit: use a drillbit size that's slightly larger than the rope's width

-wood saw: to cut the plywood down to the correct size

Step 3: Cut and Drill the Plywood to the Correct Dimensions.

for this step you can use a machine or a handsaw.

I used a width of 10cm and a length of 40cm, but you can change these mesurements if you want to.

Drill 3 holes in each board, both at the same distance, i drilled them in the middle of the with, and 10cm from the ends (length) and then one in the middle.

Step 4: Cut the Doormat to the Correct Size and Make Holes in It

use a knife to cut the doormat to the correct size and make 4 holes in it, so the holes match the ones in the board.

Step 5: Add the Rope

pull a length of rope (aprox 50cm) trough the holes on each side, and tie a knot on both ends.

Add a bolt and nut in the center hole for added strength.

Step 6: Attatching the Long Rope

take your carabiners and put one on each rope that you just pulled through to boards.

Now take the long rope and make a knot or hoop on each end to attatch them to the carabiners.

Once you've done that, you can add more knots or hoops in the rope to make it adjustable in hight.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Portable Swing


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