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Something i tried this morning. after getting inspired by this spanish omelette the only problem was that it took many eggs. and only had two and i didn't wanted to eat 4 yolks either. So i thought to put a spin on it :)

introducing you a potato omelette innovated by a Pakistani's brain and inspired by a Spanish idea :D


Step 1: Slice Potatoes.

use a mandoline

Step 2: Pan

heat oil in a pan

beat 2 egg whites.

Step 3: Spread Potatoes

fry potatoes on low heat (if your slices are thick, boil them slightly prior to frying.)

Step 4:

once the potatoes get brown... spread the egg mixture with mint and green chillies.. red chilli flakes, salt.

let it cook.

your egg is ready



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4 years ago

Quick, easy and delicious.