Game of Thrones - Potty Throne




Introduction: Game of Thrones - Potty Throne

My goddaughter is turning two and her and her twin sister are just starting potty training. I decided to step up the game by making this game of thrones potty throne, a throne fit for a princess.

The material is quite simple to gather and i could make this in a single morning - not counting the paint dry out night.

Step 1: Material

The base of this throne is an Ikea LOCKIG potty. It has both the avantages of having a long back and a removable seat (which is quite mandatory...)

The swords are made from a simple yoga/gym natte. The cheaper, the better. I found mine for less than 3 euros at the local sport center

Material :

  • potty
  • gym natte
  • black metal paint and primer
  • sand paper (rough and fine grain)
  • very sharp cutting knife (I used my japanese santoku)
  • neoprene glue

Step 2: The Paint Job

First I had to sand off the potty. The paint would not stay on it otherwise.

I used primer on top of that and finally painted it black (listening to the stones).

I used paint bombs I found at the local shop for 6€ each.

Step 3: Mighty Swords

The swords were cut in a simple shape from a 10mm yoga mat.

I trimmed the edges with the knife trying to remain quite level all the way.

I used a blowtorch to lightly burn the edges of the sword. This gave them a rough look and stiffed them a bit

Step 4: Dragon Forging

If you dont have a dragon around, you'll have to find another way to stick all those blades together.

I used neoprene to glue them on the potty.

I used a bit of silver paint to add a shiny touch to the tip of the blades, but this is really not mandatory. (I sprayed the paint in the bottle cap and used a brush to lightly color the blades)

I didn't want to put blades all the way around because since this potty is for girls (yes...) I thought that blades all around would be a bit overkill. fell free to go crazy with them if you want :)



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    Ha! This is amazing!


    2 years ago

    Winter is coming, perfect moment for this perfect project! Next step, convincing my wife we need this as well.

    Totally awesome! That little girl is going to be Poop'n in style

    This so amazingly awesome!