Power Bank From Recycled Laptop's Battery

Introduction: Power Bank From Recycled Laptop's Battery


recycle your old laptop battery.... and make 7800mah power bank

Step 1: You Have to Need Old Laptop Battery

you have to need
old laptop battery
and old power bank circuit..
and container box..

Step 2: Then

fix the circuit inside the container box and cut box as photo

Step 3: Then

Join battery to the circuit..and fix battery to the container box..

Step 4:



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    Be careful which powerbank circuit you use. Not all of them will be able to handle 9-12 volt, if they are designed for single cell operation.

    If you cut the connectors, and carefully resolder the cells in parallel, you could hook it up to just about ANY powerbank circuit.

    By leaving the tabs connected, you can safely solder the tabs together, without the risk of overheating your cells. By running them in parrallel, the voltages will match those designed in the circuit. And best of all, because of the nature of batteries, with 3 cells in parallel, you get MORE than 3 times the energy out from the powerbank before it needs recharging, since each cell is under 1/3rd the normal load.

    Consider upgrading from scotch tape to hotglue and electrical tape.

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    Sorry, never mind... I just looked more carefully at the picture of your recycled cells. Looks like they are already connected in parallel. :-)

    These stupid-cheap power-bank circuits are waste, they do not give optimum conversion. Breaking a good quality power-bank for experiment is not a good idea. I tried it once; looking for alternatives before try again.

    sadly many cheap PB circuits has low cut well below 3v.. cell dies fast due to over discharge

    sadly many cheap PB circuits has low cut well below 3v.. cell dies fast due to over discharge