Power Supply Variable With Circuit Protection


Introduction: Power Supply Variable With Circuit Protection

this is the circuit! :)

Step 1: The Short Circuit

The protection circuit is activated when a short circuit happens, indicating the red LED andthe voltage down to 0. When you press the push botton resets the circuit! 12v

Step 2:

you need:

-power transformer 120v AC/18-16-12v DC 1amp.
-bridge rectifier
-(2) leds
-resistor: (3) 2.2k, (2) 1k, 0.5, 10k.
-capasitor: 2200mf/25v, 100mf 25v, (2) 47mf/v.
-diode: 1n914
-diode zener 18v
-push botton
-resistor variable: 5k
-bc178, bc549
-bd135 and 2n3055

all the components are shown in the circuit diagram.

Step 3: Watch the Video!



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    9 Discussions

    i have a variable power suply with lm338k and need a short circuit proteccion you have this only schematic ?? thnx

    Looks great. Can I attach more 2N3055 transistors to increase output current?

    yes, is right. can you tell me which program did you use for the schematic? thanks!

    1 reply