Powerful K'nex Handgun


Introduction: Powerful K'nex Handgun

This is an easy to make, yet powerful handgun.

Step 1: Pieces

You will need...
7 yellow connecters
2 orange connecters
3 white connecters
1 red rod
4 yellow rods
1 blue rod
1 white rod

Step 2: Building the Gun

Here's what to do. Follow the pics.

Step 3: Loading and Shooting

Do what the pics/yellow boxes tell you to do.



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    22 Discussions

    waste of time/ knex/ more kb to download....everyone knows that these guns are not even worth building,and there are hundreds here -5/5

    1 reply

    -999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999Sorry were having technical diffulcitys becasue this is a peice of s***

    thanx, jus gets to me that people say my stuff is a waste of time and that arguing on the internet is not, i meen, wats it gonna acoplish?

     ican make a piececount for this in 2 seconds
    3yellow rods
    3 white connectors
    7 yellow connectors
    2 orange connectors
    1 red rod
    1 blue rod
    1 white rod
    a total of ..............22 pieces 
    if you look around Ible you will see  that they suck so please waste your time on a gun that's worth it.

    geez, sorry to all of you who dont like. just dont make if you dont like it. you dont have to be an @$$ hole.

    a gun that uses a true trigger but the force is too much on the ram so a block trigger is necessary

    It's the same, isn't it. Both triggers block the barrel, with the same parts, so it can hold equal force.

    No. A block trigger CAN withstand more force than most true trigger. That is because a block trigger has no joints between pieces, where as a true trigger usually does.

    Both of them technically do have joints, a block trigger's is just turned to the side, and for a true trigger, a mech makes it move down. If made right, true triggers can be just as strong as blocks.

    I mean there are no places where there are two pieces connected. A block trigger can withstand more force. I never said they were more powerful, but they can withstand more force.