Powerful Compact Lego Crossbow




Introduction: Powerful Compact Lego Crossbow

this is my first instructable.

this is called the compact crossbow because it is lightweight, powerful, and maneuverable

I would love to see some mods for this, but make sure to give me credit for the original idea.


removable sight
30+ foot range
removable stock
very powerful


sometimes jams
bullet falls out of barrel

Step 1: Barrel and Firing Mechanism

barrel and front of crossbow.

follow pictures

Step 2: Removable Stock

follow pictures

Step 3: Attachments

Step 4: Loading and Firing

to load

pull large rubber band back
place it on trigger
put ammo halfway in loading area
pull trigger
keep crossbow level so bullet does not fall out

I am not responsible for any damage or injury caused by this crossbow. be safe and make good choices.



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7 Discussions

This is an awesome build, I am trying to make one now!

Please make more like this, your photos are great too and easy to understand.

yeah I got sick of pictures that were awful.

How did you stop the rubber band from bouncing up and over the projectile?

That was my problem and I couldn't solve it.

on the front of the crossbow there should be 3 bars. the middle one has a hole for the projectile. the rubber band goes on the bottom bar.

Ah right, I modded it so the rubber band sat in the wrong location :(

I don't have the right pieces to make it the way you did but I used the trigger mechanism ad turned it into a rubber band shooter instead :)