Practical Joke Pin Cup

Introduction: Practical Joke Pin Cup

Background: I am currently changing jobs. I do remember raiding other people's desks after they left for different office supplies. I figured it would be great to set a trap for the people who raid my desk.

The idea of this joke is momentum.
You are basically going to glue the cup to some string and then attach it to the items in the cup.
The key to this is that when people grab the pin, marker or whiteout, they are going to believe it is free from the cup and then they will be pulling it away with enough force to scare them when the cup is soon to follow.

Step 1: Supplies

1) cup you don't really care about
2) string
3) Glue
4) Wire
5) needle nose pliers
6) scissors

Step 2: Attaching the String to the Pins and Markers

There is several ways to attach the string,
you can either melt a hole trough your writing utincel
You can tie the string around it and glue it with Gorilla Glue.
You can tie the string around the inner pieces and have the string come out of where the pin writing device is usually.
Or just tying onto the pin by various ways

Step 3:

Glue the string to the inside of the cup.
Allow enough string for the pins to reach the top of the cup.

Tip* cleaning the surface is always a great idea.
Put enough to  allow for some good bonding.
If you put too much you will be holding the pins for a long time waiting for the glue to dry.

Step 4:

As an added bonus, one might use a ispy program to capture the event.
Unfortunately I am leaving the company and I won't be able to record it.

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