Practical (real Cheap, Real Easy) Digital Picture Frame




Introduction: Practical (real Cheap, Real Easy) Digital Picture Frame

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digital picture frames are very, er, practical. you get to display all your digital pictures without printing them. However they are expensive because it needs to have some sort of memory to store pictures and a screen to display all of them.

the thing about this instructable is the idea of using your existing digital camera as your storage system and LCD screen. Your digital camera has to have an option to view the pictures in a slideshow for this to work. It would be better if you have a PDA (I love my PDA) so you get a bigger screen and easier picture-upload management.

Well, that's about it I guess. Sorry it's that simple :\

sorry about the crappy picture. i couldn't use my digital camera because it's in the picture frame. and guess what I used to take the picture... my PDA!

Step 1: Procure the Tools and Materials

just lots of cardboard, a cutter, scissors, a picture frame, ruler (i couldn't find one so i used the tape measure. 30-60-90 45-45-90 triangles would be reccomended), pencil... a picture frame...

I used animal glue (superglue) as my "sticking" material. I don't like to wait for things to dry. just be careful not to superglue your camera (or PDA)

(look at what's over there at the back... my PDA!)

Step 2: Use Your Geometry Skills to Create the "window"

remove the wooden back part of your picture frame and, hmm, throw them away. or use them for some other instructable.

cut up a piece of cardboard so that it fits in the slot where the wooden back part used to be. you could try to pattern its dimensions on the wooden part.
cut up a hole in the center of the cardboard big enough just for the screen of your camera (or PDA).

from now on let's call this piece of cardboard with a hole for the camera screen our window

prop up the window into the actual picture frame. to keep it in place, you can either superglue it OR much better if you put "tabs" on its edge. this is so that you can easily remove the window by bending the small tab.

ignore the stuff stuck in the window. I'll explain that in the next step. but you have probably figured out what it's for already

Step 3: Use Your Creativity

use your creativity and ingenuity to get your digital camera to peep out of the window. the camera just fits in the "cardboard cage" snugly, keeping it's screen aligned with the hole.

as you can see i used cardboard and plenty of superglue for this. added the top arch for structural integrity and stuck another piece of cardboard to act as a stand.

turn on slide show on your camera, slip in the camera (not shown. forgot to take a picture) and that's it
this is either a "good idea" or a "wow amazing (sarcastically)" instructable.

the thing is I gave this to my mom for mother's day. but she threw the cardboard part away and asked me where the wooden part is :( I need the pity :(




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    13 Discussions

    That is ridiculous that you would even try something like this with a camera.

    Would some sort of flat magnifying lens be useful in making it appear bigger without having to get a bigger screen? Obviously the box would need to be a bit deeper so the screen could go back a bit.

    1 reply

    Wow, this seems like a great instructable, awesome pictures! Thanks! ~Shifrin

    you could use your ipod photo/video (or creative zen etc), add some speakers and you have a digital media centre :)

    1 reply

    what on a picture frame?!

    overstock is doing 6 juiceboxes for $20 at the moment

    wow... this has potential... this needs a better purpose ;) Instead of making it solely a picture frame - make this a dock that happens to be a picture frame :P Just add functionality to the camera that is easy to use :D Score: B- --- the idea is there... just needs some refinement ;)


    12 years ago

    You should put it near / over a power outlet, and keep it charged while in use. Also, turn LCD always on option on your treo (700w/p)?

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    yeah the digital camera screen is tiny. but a PDA will make a decent screen. stick the camera in only when you have visitors to show off :D