Prank Call Someone the Easy Way

here is a very simple,free way to prak call somebody and the best part is,you dont even have to do the calling!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything you do with this information,anything you do is of your own free will and I in no way persuaded you to prank your friends,neighbors,and/or relatives.

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Step 1: What You Need internet connection(duh)
2.unsespecting person with phone
3.helps if you have friends to prank

Step 2: How to Do It

1.get on the big green button that says "begin" the button that best suits your eye  ex.popular,viral anoyances,etc.
3. fill out the other paper work like phone number etc.
4. you can do this for free,i promise. you just have to click the "no thanks" button a couple times the "record" option if you want to hear their reaction
6.then click "send" and watch the counter. it goes through the various stages such as calling,human,playing file,and hangup. after they hang up,you can dowload the recorded file and listen to their reaction.

Step 3: That's It!

that's it for this 'ible. i hoped you enjoyed it and you will use it often.

Step 4: After Thoughts....

you see a lot of adds for dial tones. im not stopping you from getting them,but you DO NOT need them to make a call. and in some cases,it makes it easier if you dont have them. for instance,if you have dial tones,you can show your number up on the caller id so they pick up more readily(normally,the called id shows a toll free number), but if you show them your number, they might call you and demand they know why you pranked them.

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