Precious Light Source....

Introduction: Precious Light Source....

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I used this many times to preserve precious light source...

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Step 1: Take a Battery....

Take a battery otherwise you can take a small battery source from a rc car .... we can also take a battery from other rc devices.

Step 2: Now Take a Light Source....

take a led panel or any other light source like a set of led or bulbs.

Step 3: Alline Them With Wires ....

take insulated wires and alline them together .

Step 4: Turn the Switch ON.....

Now complete the circuit and put it in a dark room . Then see the magic that the whole room will fill with light . This way helps us to conserve light energy.

Step 5: Make It Chargeable .......

you can also make it chargeable by adding transistors in it.

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