Pregnant Zombie

This is a pregnant zombie that I came up with after seeing a costume of a pregnant vampire. The pregnant vampire wasn't interesting enought for me so i decided that a zombie would be more interesting.  I just chose some old clothes that i had laying around the house and one of my throw pillows.  I took the square edges off of the pillow and stitched it into a round pillow and fluffed the stuffing to resemble a pregnant belly.  I then found on of my daughters old baby dolls in a throw away pile and cut the limbs and face off.  Then i stitched the limbs onto the pillow.  Then took an old tshirt and poked the limbs through but left the face to apear as though it was trying to chew it's way out. I then rolled my clothes around outside in the dirt. I did my makeup with some i had around the house. Teased my hair and put twigs and leaves in my hair to appear as though i just came from the ground. It was a very interesting costume and got lots of praise at work and my daughter's school.  Also very easy to do and super fun



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