Printable Drone Propeller 177mm




Introduction: Printable Drone Propeller 177mm

printable drone propeller 177mm and bore 5mm (5.2 for tolerance)

print with max resolution and ABS or more strong plastic as nylon

this test is make with PLA (low performance) with 1500kw brushless can push 0.4kg with better material and print quality i think > 0.5kg

compare with standard propeller

and printed propeller



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    3 Discussions

    how strong are these propellers? i ask because i am currently printing a 280mm quadcopter and need propellers for the motor, thanks in advance for the response

    2 replies

    It depends on the material used
    I recommend using nylon or abs

    Thanks for the quick reply! I have lots of abs, come monday imma make a couple of these and put them to the test