Professional Cable Labels

Introduction: Professional Cable Labels

Label Purposes:

Barcode rental check out systems

Rental house information

Signal Direction ( I used the letter V since the labeler had no arrow character)

Snake configuration


Hair Dryer

Clear Heat Shrink Tubing


Thermal labeler

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Step 1: Cut Tubing / Print Labels / Trim Materials

Cut the heat shrink tubing to the appropriate size for your application. Print labels with the information which you want to see legibly on the cables. It may be necessary to trim the label to the right size or shape.

Step 2: Heat It Up

Be careful on how much heat is applied because the thermal labels might darken. Make sure the entire piece of tubing has been shrunken and is not loose.

Step 3: Enjoy

Use your mixer cables or cable snake hassle free for live and studio applications.

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