Programming Lesson 3 Starting Java

Introduction: Programming Lesson 3 Starting Java

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After giving the simple basic tutorial i decided we would start harder programming java. The awesome programming language mine craft was created from. We are not going to make mine craft but we are going to stick to java for a while.

Step 1:

the first step is to download eclipse or netbeans these compilers will run your program.

Step 2:

Next learn how to display text on the screen.

public static void main(string)[] args). {
(capital s) System.out.println("hi java");

Step 3:

Once you learn this you cannot do much so when my next tutorial comes out see that one too.The video is down.
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    OMG, can you put your CRT screen directly on your scanner ?

    If you're going to give an Instructible on programming or anything computer related then you could at least use screenshots or teh like rather than a apicture of your screen. otherwise people may not take you seriously.